Inspection Reports

Maple Walk is inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). 

In 2016 the ISI inspection framework changed so that all schools under their umbrella now have two inspections - compliance and  educational quality. 

In February 2017 Maple Walk had their first compliance inspection and passed all of the categories.  The report is attached below.

Under the old framework, Maple Walk's educational quality was last inspected in February 2012.   The main findings are summarised below:

“pupils achieve good standards in accordance with the school’s aims”

“pupils are well educated, especially in numeracy and literacy”

“pupils benefit from a good curriculum and have positive attitudes to their learning”

“there is an excellent range of extra-curricular activities catering for a wide range of pupils’ interests”

“target setting within some subjects has enabled pupils to be effectively challenged”

“the personal development of the pupils is excellent” 

“high standards of pastoral care enable pupils to develop good moral and social skills”

“pupils are extremely enthusiastic about their school”

“strong leadership by senior management ensures that policies are implemented to ensure the smooth running of the school"

“there are excellent links with parents”

Please click on the links for the full reports.

2017 - ISI Compliance Inspection

2012 - ISI Inspection Report, March