The best way to nurture curious, creative thinkers is to begin with a foundation of knowledge. We design ambitious, memorable and engaging lessons to achieve this, building confidence and challenging the children.

Our history lessons are taught in chronological order, from the Mesozoic Era all the way through to the World Wars, with the children developing their analytical skills as they go. 

This principle is followed across the curriculum, keeping pupils interested and developing their critical thinking skills so they can learn from the world around them. 

Lessons are filled with facts, punctuated by quizzes, to keep children engaged and help prove the value of a deep well of knowledge.

There are Mindful Mice on hand to pose the big ‘life’ questions and creative teachers, who encourage thinking outside the box and ensure our curriculum is forward-thinking.

Key Principles 

  • Focusing on specific facts 
  • Making connections between them
  • Laying foundations on which to build knowledge
  • Timelines, maps, knowledge organisers
  • Facts and recall – reflect and retain
  • Questioning and misconceptions 
  • Contextualising and making links 
  • Problem solving, design thinking and future skills

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The best way to see the school in action is to book onto an open morning. These events last approximately an hour – you will have an opportunity to meet the Head and have a tour of the school led by the Year Six pupils. We look forward to welcoming you to Maple Walk soon.

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Maple Walk School

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