Welcome to Maple Walk School

Some say that the first impressions and the final impressions are the most important part of your school journey.

The first impressions about Maple Walk that many visitors and parents remark upon are the openness, the friendliness and the happiness of both staff and children.

The final impressions are about the exceptional secondary transfers, and many scholarships, that pupils achieve but not at the cost to their wellbeing and  personal development as recognised by our ISI rating of ‘Excellent in all areas’

However, it’s the childrens’ journey; the day to day variety of positive academic, art and sporting experiences from a broad, creative curriculum and the extra curricular opportunities, with inspirational teachers that makes learning fun!

Even lockdown didn’t stop Maple Walk having a full day remotely, maintaining high standards and positive spirits with fully engaged children meaning parents could work too!

We work alongside pupils and parents every step of the way; one-to-one with pupils when needed, so that every child leaves Maple Walk confident, kind and articulate, with the knowledge that they have achieved their academic and personal potential with an excellent work ethic, ready for the next phase of their education.

We consider the relationship between school and parents to be extremely important.  It is an invaluable partnership with the common goal of seeking to fulfil the best for the children in terms of stimuli, challenges, experiences and positive achievement. An open policy of reporting and dialogue is essential.

Whilst the best time to view our prep school is when it is in action, currently we are holding Virtual Q&A’s with myself, head boy and head girl with a few of their friends. We are also holding private, after school tours inline with Government guidelines

Claire Murdoch
Head Teacher

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