Vision and Values

Our Vision

To provide a first class education at the lowest sustainable cost:

This means:

  • Setting high expectations for each child’s individual learning and development
  • Using a knowledge-based approach in preparing children both for public examinations and for the rest of their life
  • Providing inspirational teaching by enthusiastic and high-achieving teachers across a wide range of academic subjects and extra-curricular activities
  • Using a not for profit ethos and a model for running schools which makes us as affordable as we can be to as many people as possible

Our Values

Our community

  • Our values derive from a broadly Christian ethos, with obligations of courtesy, helpfulness and openness

 Our work

  • Starting with strong foundations in literacy and numeracy, to instill a love of learning in children through an inspiring and broad curriculum

 Our goals

  • To teach pupils in a way that allows them to fulfil their potential and to grow towards maturity and self-confidence
  • To instill habits of effective learning and good behaviour at an early age. To deliver value for money and maintain strong links with our parent body
  • To nurture and inspire