The School Day

A typical school day at Maple Walk is packed with opportunities to learn by, providing a fun and stimulating timetable.

Whilst the morning concentrates on English and Mathematics, there is ample opportunity to take part in a whole range of subjects during the day.

The day starts at 8.45am, when the children are greeted by the Head Teacher or another staff member with a handshake at the main door.  Registration follows in the children’s own classrooms.

School assemblies are held regularly and reinforce core values and morals; other assemblies might celebrate personal, musical or academic success.  Once a term every class gets the chance to lead a topic-based assembly, often connected to the curriculum.

Three days a week the children have a physical activity lesson, which includes dance, PE and games.

At break times the children mix with their peers, play outside or take part in extra sports practices.

The school day ends at 3.40pm, with after-school clubs running four days a week until 4.45pm.  Homework is set from Reception onwards and all children are encouraged to devote time to reading with their parents every day.