School Lunches

All pupils bring packed lunches to school and eat communally in the hall.

We operate a healthy eating policy, so ask parents not to pack crisps, fizzy drinks, cake, chocolate or sweets.  Pupils should bring a piece of fruit to eat at morning break time.  An additional piece of fruit can be brought if pupils are attending after-school clubs. 

Typical lunches include sandwiches, salads, cold meats, sliced vegetables and dips.  In winter some children like to bring a thermos to school with hot soup or pasta.  There are no warming or cooling facilities available and parents are asked to ensure that they pack any necessary cutlery. It is essential that cold lunches from home are packed in a cool bag with freezer blocks.

We operate a strict no nuts policy.  Some pupils are highly allergic to nuts and nut products and so we ask parents to check ingredients to ensure that no traces of nuts are brought onto site.

Covid 19 Current Arrangements:  Pupils will eating lunch together with their Year Group rather than with pupils from their Houses and there will be two lunchtime sittings.