Our Curriculum

At Maple Walk, we have a dynamicknowledge-based curriculum that provides continuity and progression between years and takes individual differences between children into account. Our curriculum and teaching ensure the transmission of knowledge and we aim to inspire each child with a thirst for a wider and deeper understanding of the world. It lays the foundations for their future educational journey. 

Children's intellectual horizons are progressively expanded beyond their everyday experience through an academically rigorous curriculum alongside sport and the arts including art, music, drama and dance that foster children’s social and emotional development and overall well-being. 

Residential trips, excursions and activities within the local community and beyond enhance our children’s educational experience and help them to develop their confidence and independence. 

An extensive range of after-school clubs are organised each term. The diverse selection ensures there’s something everyone. 

The NMS Teaching and Learning Committee oversees the curriculum; to find out more about its work, click here.