Animation Club

Maple Walk has a highly successful animation club, run by Dora Martinkova.   Members of the after-school club work on a story each term to produce a short film.  Participants are involved in the script, making props, scratch graphics and in drawing characters and the set. 

Pupils also record the voice overs in a professional recording studio.

The finished films are shown to an exclusive audience at the local independent cinema, The Lexi.

One recent film, Donatello, has been shared online by leading Art Historian Andrew Graham-Dixon as, "Quite simply one of the best Art History programmes we have seen this year".

In March 2019, the Animation Club's film, Tim's Adventure, a homage to astronaut Tim Peake, was selected for the Guilford Free Film Festival.


Our Spring 2019 film, Attenborough, is a fantastical story with powerful messages about plastic pollution.

In Summer 2019, the animation 'Frida' touches on themes of loneliness.

In Spring 2020, our students created 'Who is Vivien', based on Vivien Maier’s life. 

In Autumn 2020, their film 'The Great Escape' follows Inky the Octopus as he escapes the Aquarium, saving other animals along the way! The film is inspired by the true story of Inky the Octopus who escaped the National Aquarium in New Zealand in 2016: 

In Summer 2021, our pupils explored the history of the Aztec Empire and it's downfall in 'The Fall of the Aztec Empire', with an amusing, yet historically in-accurate, ending!

In Spring 2022, our pupils were inspired by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, and in particular his sons, Pieter and Jan!

Sons of Pieter Bruegel the Elder from Dora Martinkova on Vimeo.