School Uniform

The school has a smart, practical and affordable dress code.

We do ask parents to adhere to the dress code and to please help us avoid any designer label fads.

All children will need the official blue Maple Walk showerproof fleece jacket.

Winter uniform must be worn between the October and February half-terms; winter and summer uniform is acceptable at other times.

Parents may be asked to come and collect children if they are not wearing correct school uniform.

For boys:
Navy trousers or navy short trousers in summer
Red school polo shirt with logo
Navy school V-neck jumper with single red trim on neck and cuffs
Navy socks
School shoe in plain brown or black with velcro fastenings for Reception and up to Year 2; laces from Year 3 upwards

For girls:
Navy trousers or navy V-neck pinafore dress for Reception to Year 2
Navy trousers or navy A-line skirt from Year 3 upwards
Red/white striped summer dress or navy short trousers in summer
Red school polo shirt with logo
Navy school V-neck jumper with single red trim on neck and cuffs

Summer uniform – no tights with summer dresses, white socks only.
Winter uniform – plain navy socks or tights.
Shoes - plain red, navy or black

For boys and girls:
Navy school coat with logo
Navy rain jacket, mac in a sac (optional)
Navy school fleece hat and scarf with logo
Navy gloves
School backpack with logo
Sun hat with logo

Thermal layers and vests should not be visible beyond collars, sleeves and hem lines.

Footwear for all children:
Pupils are asked not to wear trainers/Geox as their main school shoes.  Pupils must be able to put on and take off their own shoes.  If necessary, this may mean pupils wearing shoes that fasten with velcro or buckles.  No laces in Reception/Year 1 please.

Note: whilst we recognise the need to use wellington boots to arrive at school during inclement weather, all children should have acceptable footwear for use during the school day.

Pupils will require separate clothes for PE:
Navy school t-shirt with logo
Navy jogging bottoms for Reception to Year 2
Navy school hooded top with logo (compulsory for Reception to Year 2 and optional for Years 3 to 6)
Navy school tracksuit top with logo for Years 3 to 6
Navy school tracksuit bottoms for Years 3 to 6
Navy shorts or skirts
Navy school PE bag with logo
Navy school legionnaire cap with logo
Black plimsolls/trainers (not Geox)

Jewellery and make up

Jewellery is not safe or acceptable in school. Watches may be worn from Year 3. Earrings should be plain gold or silver studs only and need to be removed for PE. Maple Walk will not take responsibility for any watches or earrings that children lose. Nail polish, make up or temporary tattoos are not acceptable.

Summer sunhats and sandals

During the Summer term, all children should have a sunhat in school every day; they might also need one at the start of the Autumn term if it is still warm.  Sandals and Crocs are not acceptable at any time.

Uniform is available to purchase from: