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Still from the film Penelope, created by the Animation Club. Our pupils hard at work during Art Week, inspired by Pintoricchio’s Penelope with the Suitors (about 1509) for the National Gallery's Take One Picture project.

Coding and Robotics

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Another popular after school club

World Book Day

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In celebration of World Book Day our pupils and staff dressed up as their favourite book characters. They also enjoyed a visit from author Nikki Sheehan, who wrote Swan Boy and Who Framed Klaris Cliff

Cross Country

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ISA Cross Country Competition

Terrific Scientific

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Our pupils are enrolled on the BBC Terrific Scientific project, to encourage children to take part in mass scientific investigations.

Skateboard Club

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Maple Walk launched a new skateboard club in January 2017. It is very popular!

Autumnal Walk

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Reception Pupils visited Roundwood Park this week, as they have been learning about Autumn.

Forensic Scientists

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Maple Walk sleuths took part in a forensic science workshop to learn more about how science is applied practically

World Maths Day

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Queen's Birthday Celebration

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The whole school dressed in red, white and blue to celebrate the Queen's birthday. The pupils hosted a mini fair, with a range of stalls and raised money for charity.

Joint Maple Walk and Faraday School Trip - Lake District

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The Year 5 classes are spending 4 nights in the Lake District taking part in field studies. It is an opportunity for pupils from both sister schools to join together and enjoy the great outdoors.

Year 6 Trip to Chateau du Broutel

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To celebrate the end of exams, 7 years of fun at Maple Walk and to prepare them to be more independent as they transition to secondary school, every year the whole class go on a 5-night residential trip.

Gardening Club

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